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GeoSteering - real-time geology data streaming software and geosteering services -

Founded in 2002 in Houston, Texas, U.S.A, GeoSteering LLC is a small international company with personnel located in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.


Within the U.S.A, we have extensive experience in most of the unconventional plays. Internationally, our main operational areas are South America, the Middle East and China.

Our services can be provided remotely, from a client office or at the rig-site. We usually provide 24/7 real-time cover but other arrangements - including work from LAS files - are possible.

Our speciality is the expertise we offer in geosteering with different measurements. Although much of the unconventional pay work we do uses non-azimuthal gamma-ray only, we have worked in many of the plays using azimuthal gamma-ray (images) and / or electromagnetic or laterolog resistivity tools. In conventional reservoirs, almost all our work has been with full triple-combo data (gamma-ray, resisitivity, density, neutron and photo-electric factor) and has involved one or several imaging tools.

RigComms, our proprietary geosteering software is used on all jobs and is available for use by our client.


The RigComms geosteering package has been under full-time development since 2002 and fully commercial since 2006. It has been used in fifteen different countries to date, in some of the biggest geosteering centers in the world (including that of Saudi Aramco) and in many national oil companies. It has also been licensed by large and small independents sometimes just on a single computer, the desktop or laptop of the operator geologist.

It is designed to run real-time from a WITS or WITSML feed but can also be used as an off-line tool. It real-time mode, it is usually set up to receive data from the MWD/LWD and rig instrumentation companies but also from the mud logging company if one is present.

RigComms provides full support for jobs that range in complexity from real-time or off-line gamma-ray only to real-time triple- or quad-combo with multiple images. It handles all currently available telemetry rates including those of wired drill-pipe.

The EXAMPLES page of this website shows screenshots taken during geosteering jobs preformed by GeoSteering LLC personnel using RigComms.