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GeoSteering Essentials - real-time geology data streaming software and geosteering services

GeoSteering LLP



GeoSteering LLP (www.geosteering.com) was founded by Sue Bruce in 2002.

The company's head office is in Houston, Texas, USA. It has personnel located in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The professionals who work for GeoSteering LLP have typically worked for many years for one of the biggest service companies or for an operator. All hold degrees in geology or other scientific discipline. Average experience in the industry exceeds 20 years.

The company's first job was in China in 2002 with its first job in the U.S.A. being a Permian well later that same year.

Sue Bruce, President

After completing a doctorate in mathematics at the University of Oxford in England, Sue joined Schlumberger in 1984 and worked for them for the next 18 years.

Her involvement in geosteering began in the early 90s in the North Sea, Europe and Africa.

In 2002, she founded GeoSteering LLP which has, to date, provided services in 15 different countries.