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GeoSteering RigComms Software - real-time geology data streaming software and geosteering services for horizontal drilling - RigComms for RTOCs



RTOCs depend on software and people:  on the quality of the software; on the skill of the people; and on the capacity of both to evolve and be flexible.

RigComms evolves daily, not just through internal engineering but because it is able to run externally-developed algorithms either offline or in realtime. Some external algorithms are proprietary to the oil company that developed them. But others form part of a growing library available to all RigComms users.

RTOCs have to be manned by people who have sufficiently broad experience of the industry to work competently alongside geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers and rig site personnel … and to manage the full flow and integration of the data. People rarely want to look at the first picture below if the second picture has already been created ...


… or to look at a vertical section plot with just a trajectory if an interpreted structure has already been developed.
RTOC software has to be configurable in a designated center for multi-well work and also as a single station situated within an asset team and operating as an integrated part of that asset team.