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GeoSteering RigComms Software - real-time geology data streaming software and geosteering services for horizontal drilling - Integrating Geology Data



Logs can be inverted (up logs) to compare zones at inclinations below and above 90o; drawn horizontal to compare with vertical section displays; or made semi-transparent for superimposing on offset data.

Offset well surveys—like offset well log data—can be imported. Trajectories can be shown in both plan views and vertical sections. All data can be entered in UTMs or in local coordinates and plots can be converted from one to the other at a click.

Survey information can be used to convert logs from MD to TVD. Dip information allows logs to be converted to TVT for correlating with seismic data or TST for correlating with offset wells. Initial dip information can be taken from interpreted seismic data (such as the surface shown in yellow on the vertical section plot below). TST correlation itself provides a powerful tool to refine the dip information and to update the structural model in realtime.

The realtime plot below shows a horizontal well trajectory in red and interpreted (faulted) surfaces in blue and green.


Updated surface models provide drilling with clear visual information about changing targets.

Toolface displays together with fully configurable numeric and survey panels can be used to monitor the directional and drilling efforts to achieve those targets.