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Geosteering Services - real-time geology data streaming software and geosteering services


Real-time Service
Our real-time geosteering service can be
  • 24/7
  • 12/7
  • 12/7 with 24/7 at weekends
  • based on a custom schedule.
For 24/7 cover, we provide two GeoSteering specialists, each working 12 hours a day and for 12/7 cover, we provide one specialist. Typically, our personnel work on only one well at a time. Under no circumstances will they be working on more than two wells simultaneously.

The service can be provided remotely, in the client office or at the rig-site and includes as many reports per day as requested, plus reports/phone calls, etc, whenever we notice anything that needs to be brought to the client's attention.

During the job, we can work directly with the directional drillers (copying the client on all target changes requested) or act as advisors to the client leaving decision-making in the client's control.

We go off-ticket automatically if there is a run in hole with no MWD.

Time data logging and interpretation, tool face, sliding indicators on plots, proper use of rotating inclination measurements (if available) are all included in the service.

Within the USA, we typically rig up our own satellite dish as part of the service.

Our proprietary real-time geosteering software RigComms is available to the client for use throughout the job.

Off-Line Service
We also offer an off-line (LAS file based) service, reviewing data and providing a geosteering report at fixed times of the day, on demand or even every so many feet drilled.
Pre-Job Planning

In all cases, pre-job planning is part of the service. We work with oil company geoscientists to understand critical details such as uncertainties in the geophysical interpretation and structural models, the petrophysics of the reservoir and reservoir flow issues. Time is also devoted to drilling risks and objectives.

If appropriate, we model LWD tool response and create synthetic logs indexed by true stratigraphic thickness. We also create synthetic logs - including image logs - along the planned trajectory based on the structural model. Forward modeling of electro-magnetic resistivity response through TI anisotropic dipping beds can be provided. Based on such modeling, we can offer advice on geosteering strategy including which measurements will be most useful. Because we do not provide tools for geosteering, we are able to offer independent advice on particular tools and to provide help in optimizing their setup (particularly downhole to surface transmission).

International Experience
Our major areas of activity are:
  • USA (unconventional and conventional plays)
  • Canada
  • Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates)
  • Central America (Mexico)
  • South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador)
  • Europe (UK, Turkey)
  • Asia (China)
  • Africa (Algeria)